Women working outside of the home: no blessing

After all, when St. Paul writes about widows, does he say they just need to suck it up and get out in the workforce to fend for themselves? Far from it. He calls those who will not provide for widows and orphans “infidels” who have “denied the faith” (1 Tim. 5:7). When a woman has to work outside of the home, it is not an indication of some special blessing; it is a poor reflection on her provider (if she is married) or upon the Church (if she is widowed and has no family). The Body of Christ is to take care of its own.

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Applying the sufficiency of scripture to our finances

If only we would recognise that Christianity is indeed an entire worldview and not just a spiritual religion for Sunday. If enough Christians really applied the sufficiency of Scripture to all of life, our culture would be very different. Even the Muslims know the Biblical principle of not charging interest on bank loans to their own (only to strangers, i.e., outside the household of faith—see Deut. 23:20, Luke 19:23). Imagine if enough Christians pooled their resources to do this instead of our having to cast our lot with unbelievers to secure finance.

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Stephen, J. (2011) The Sufficiency of Scripture: The Key to Revival. Pleasant Word. p. 20

The negative realities of big government

They are much more practical than that. They want to control the state and the coercive power of the state to force, yes, force, the rest of us into living life as they want it lived. They want and will use the many coercive agencies of the modern state in furtherance of their objectives. The IRS, for example, will crush political opponents; agencies such as the EPA will silence pesky business owners, etcetera.

And what is the vision that drives these new mandarins, these elites? Government. That’s all. They want a society in which government forms the center of our lives. Government will decide. Even and especially our most personal decisions must be tempered by taking into account the government. Can and may we have a gun for home defense? What kind of health insurance and health care can and may we have? Can and may we have a car? What type? What salaries can and may we earn? What speech can and may we utter so as not to be considered hate-mongers? You get it.

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Atheists’ logic on morality: air ball

I’m not saying that all atheists lie, or all professing Christians tell the truth, but that atheists certainly have no objective moral basis for refraining from scurrilous lies (or rank hypocrisy). Of course, some skeptics respond indignantly: “I don’t need to believe in God to avoid lying” but this is not the point. The point is, without a transcendent moral Lawgiver, where is the real basis for claiming that lying is objectively morally wrong, rather than just a personal feeling which evolved because it conferred some survival value to our alleged ape-like ancestors?

The challenge is: logically deduce the proposition “Lying is objectively morally wrong” from either the proposition “God does not exist” or “Humans are evolved pond scum”.

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Halting the political spin of government shutdowns

As President Obama has pointed out , “hundreds of thousands of Americans…suddenly aren’t receiving their paychecks.” [during the 2014 US Government shutdown] These furloughed bureaucrats are clearly worse off.

But the criterion to evaluate whether a job should exist is not the welfare of the person performing the job. Jobs must be justified by the service the job provides to society. When the shutdown harms government workers, but not society at large, that tells us that the jobs shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

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Feminists fumble the ball on ‘equality’

In the last couple of days I’ve been told a thousand times by a thousand different folks that feminism is simply “the belief that men and women are equal.” Then these same people will kindly inform me that I am a feminist, whether I think so or not. Wow, thanks everyone. Why should I worry about defining myself when I’ve got the internet to do that for me? Of course, this definition of feminism is woefully shallow and purposefully misleading. It simply isn’t honest to pretend that feminism hasn’t inexorably linked itself with slightly less palatable sentiments, like the one that says unborn babies aren’t people, or that stay at home moms aren’t “real women.”…

But, for the sake of argument, I’ll pretend that feminism’s only legacy is bringing about, or striving for, “equality” between men and women. Even in this fantasyland, I still can’t jump on the Feminist Bandwagon. Men and women are NOT equal, at least not in the practical sense of the word. Yes, men and women are “equal” in intrinsic worth; they have immortal souls and are endowed by God with a dignity and value that can not be diminished or reduced. This is the only sort of “equality” that can ever exist between people, or between genders, and it is the only sort of “equality” that really matters. Because we are all “equal” in the spiritual sense, we should all treat each other with love and respect. I don’t need feminism to tell me this, Christianity has been teaching it for two thousand years. I can’t stand these modernist movements that come along, borrow a little slice of Christian philosophy, uproot it from its foundation, and then claim to be the source of the teaching. Sorry, you can’t monopolize an idea that’s been around for 20 centuries.

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The Christian view of embryonic stem cell harvesting

The current teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on abortion represents a far less severe discipline than that of the early Church, and a strong sense of the damage done by abortion to the mother, as well as to the child. However, the inviolability of unborn life at every stage has been a constant feature of the Western Christian tradition. This was so even for those medieval theologians who held that God infuses the rational soul at some point after conception. For the whole tradition each human embryo is a uniquely precious gift of God. If an embryo is deliberately created only for the sake of destroying it to harvest its cells, it is difficult to see how this embryo would be ‘special’ in any sense remotely recognisable to the Western tradition.

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