Secularists’ cognitive dissonance at play

Speaking in the context of religion and law, the Secular Party of Australia employed the following rhetoric:

There are no grounds whatsoever for contending that rules based on dogma derived from ancient cultural mythology should be preferred to modern ethical standards.

On this basis, the Secular Party is guilty of chronological snobbery.

Now, speaking in the context of science, David Rosevear employed the following reasoning:

The ancient Greeks believed in the spontaneous generation of life. More recently, Louis Pasteur showed that life did not arise from non-living material. Yet those who deny the Creator’s existence must believe it happened once upon a time.

On that basis, the Secular Party is also guilty of cognitive dissonance. When it comes to law, the party distances itself from ancient cultural mythology—only to reel it back in when it comes to science!

To think that (a tiny minority of) people voted for this party!

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Hitler’s long-term goals for Christianity

John Woodmorappe reviewed a book by Jerry Bergman called Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview. The page numbers come from that book:

To understand fully what Hitler really thought about Christianity, one has to examine what he said in private to trusted staff. Alan Bullock quotes Hitler as calling Christians “filthy reptiles” taking advantage of Germany’s weaknesses, and repeating Jewish-invented fairy tales (p. 303). Historian George Constable points out that Hitler said privately that he wanted eventually to stamp out Christianity in Germany, “root and branch” (pp. 13–14). Hitler himself once said, “I myself am a heathen to the core.” (p. 57). So much for the myth that Hitler was a Christian in any way, shape, or form.

What would have happened had Germany won WWII? Interestingly, Bergman calls attention to a lengthy item, dating from the Nuremberg Trials, documented by prosecutor William Donovan, found in the Cornell University archives. Called the Nazi Master Plan, it planned the eventual elimination of churches in Germany (p. 9).

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Woodmorappe, J. (2014). The Darwinian core, and fundamentally anti-Christian character, of Nazism. Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed 21st Mar 2015.

Leftists and totalitarians: strange bedfellows

There is also something curious about leftists, who are totalitarians from the ground up, the top down, and from side to side, worrying about the ultimate power of the state. These are same moral cretins who want to use the power of the state to force florists and caterers to violate their consciences.

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The growth of Christian scholarship since the 1960s

Sometimes I think that Baby Boomers and Generation X Christians had it easier than the Christians that followed. Then again, maybe not; this from Gary North, born in 1942:

I wrote this book [Rapture Fever] for the same reason that I have written about two dozen books of Christian scholarship and published dozens of others with my own money or money I have raised: I am determined to offer Christians, especially college students, a biblical alternative to humanism. I want to provide them with something that no one provided me.

Quote source

North, G. (1993). Rapture Fever: Why Dispensationalism is Paralysed. Institute for Christian Economics, Tyler, p. xxvii.

Einstein praising the Church ahead of academics

Nowadays, at least reflecting the anti-Christian spirit of much of the West’s academia and media, we hear statements asserting that the church was essentially complicit, if only by its silence, in the unfolding Holocaust. Ironic to this, none other than Albert Einstein had praised the church, in 1940, for having stood up to the Nazis longer than any other institution in Germany, a fact that won Einstein’s newfound praise for the church.

There is a wealth of evidence showing that Darwinism played a major, if not central, role in Nazi attitudes and actions. The same holds for evidence that, far from being Christians, Hitler and the other Nazis were very anti-Christian.

The Nazi German understanding of Darwin and Darwinism is very much at variance with modern conceptions of the same. Did the Nazis and all the intellectual heavyweights supporting them ‘misunderstand’ Darwinism, or did they—unlike modern academics—correctly face up to the full implications of the Darwinian position?

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Leftist rhetoric and its fallacious inferences

Here as elsewhere many on the Left substitute the hurling of epithets for serious discussion.  Why think carefully and responsibly when you can shout: sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, etc.?

One of the basic errors of the Left is the assumption that we are all equal.  It [is] simply not the case.  Men on average are taller than women on average.  That’s just the way it is.  Now it is good to be tall, but it is also good to be nurturing, and women on average are more nurturing than men on average.  No one can responsibly be labelled a sexist or a bigot for pointing out such plain facts as these.

Leftists often compound their error with a fallacious inference.  They infer that since there is no equality of outcome, then there must have been sexism, or racism, etc. at work.  Non sequitur!

Finally, if atheists draw their inspiration from natural science and oppose religion as superstition, then they ought to give some thought as to how they will ground empirically and scientifically key tenets of the leftist worldview.  If you say that we are all equal, with equal rights, and equal dignity, and equal value as persons, etc. what is the basis of all that?  Why isn’t this just residual ideological claptrap left over after the death of God and the collapse of Christianity?

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Vallicella, B. (2014). When Atheists Eat Their Own: The Sexism Charge. Maverick Philosopher. Available Last accessed 14th Mar 2015.

But what about the molecular evidence?

According to the CK-12 Foundation:

Arguably, some of the best evidence of evolution comes from examining the molecules and DNA found in all living things.

Beginning in the 1940s, scientists studying molecules and DNA have confirmed conclusions about evolution drawn from other forms of evidence. Molecular clocks are used to determine how closely two species are related by calculating the number of differences between the species’ DNA sequences or amino acid sequences. These clocks are sometimes called gene clocks or evolutionary clocks. The fewer the differences, the less time since the species split from each other and began to evolve into different species. For example, a chicken and a gorilla will have more differences between their DNA and amino acid sequences than a gorilla and an orangutan. That means the chicken and gorilla had a common ancestor a very long time ago, while the gorilla and orangutan shared a more recent common ancestor.

But according to Stephen C. Meyer and co:

To invoke molecular analyses that presuppose a common ancestor as evidence for the existence of such an entity only begs the question. Perhaps the Precambrian rocks do not record transitional intermediates and ancestors for Cambrian animals because none existed. Citing sequence analyses that tacitly assume the existence of a common ancestor does not provide evidential support for the existence of such an ancestor. Certainly, it provides no reason for privileging molecular analyses over fossil evidence.

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