That’s your science lesson right there – Genesis 1:1

Cesar Baldelomar wrote an article on the Sojourners website, and he thinks that:

Scientific data did not exist when the Hebrew scriptures were written, so Genesis was not meant to be read literally as an historical or scientific account of the world’s and humanity’s origins. Rather, the authors of Genesis 1 and 2 were trying to express through poetry the beauty of God’s creation.

OK, let’s take a step back from that, and compare it against Doug Phillips and his clearer reading of the text:

Jesus said “thus saith the scripture“; “as it is written“…

By the way, Genesis 1:1 is absolutely incredible. You get the beginning of the time-space-matter continuum…in fact God created [the] time-space matter continuum in three dimensions, and he tells us that in Genesis 1:1—

In the beginning” – that’s time;
God created the heavens” – space;
And the earth” – matter.

Time, space, matter: boom, there you go.

There’s your science lesson, right there, Genesis chapter 1:1.

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Steady international progress on homeschooling

Homeschooling is a growing global movement. There is great demand for legal recognition of homeschooling in most countries. We are seeing that while some countries are reluctant to permit homeschooling, most are working their way through legislative and regulatory procedures to protect the right of parents to homeschool…

Homeschooling is popular and growing rapidly in countries like Russia and Brazil. In 2019, both Ukraine and Lithuania passed new laws recognizing home education…

In countries where homeschooling is new, the public along with policymakers are asking homeschooling families the same questions US families were asked 30 years ago, such as, does homeschooling work? How is a parent without any professional training able to teach children as well as a certified teacher? What about socialization? These are questions that have been asked and answered in a large body of research over the decades.

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Christian denial of Adam and Eve? Barking mad

A website called ThereforeGodExists describes itself as providing “answers that our churches have forgotten”. Here’s one example:

Must Christians believe in Adam and Eve? It seems that with the advent of modern science, Christians are abandoning their faith because they think that it is somehow incompatible with science. However, we do not need to make this a battle between faith and science. Rather, we need to emphasize the context in which this literature is written. When we do that, the tension evaporates.

A literal Adam and Eve are not necessary for the Christian to have their salvation nor to be consistent in their theology.

On the contrary, that was inconsistent theology, as noted by another Adam and Eve Denier, one Richard Dawkins:

Oh, but of course, the story of Adam and Eve was only ever symbolic, wasn’t it?

Symbolic? So, in order to impress himself, Jesus had himself tortured and executed, in vicarious punishment for a symbolic sin committed by a non-existent individual? As I said, barking mad, as well as viciously unpleasant.

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More sanctuary cities for the unborn

Three more localities in Texas voted recently to declare themselves “sanctuary cities for the unborn,” registering their communities’ disapproval of abortion and intention to outlaw it once they are allowed to do so.

Big Spring and Colorado City voted for the ordinances on Tuesday, with Rusk doing so the week before, the Texas Tribune reported. Big Springs’ City Council must vote one more time to grant the measure final approval…

Previous Texas towns to adopt “sanctuary for the unborn” ordinances include Waskom, Naples, Joaquin, Tenaha, and Gilmer.

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No se…cularism before marriage!

But the separation of church and state is blasphemous and a horrible attempt to limit the kingship of Christ and place the state above the one true church. And that’s why it’s is so important for me, for this to be on here. This is actually my most important political question [to ask of a potential spouse before courtship].

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