Homeschooling’s growing popularity—in all areas

Approximately 1.8 million U.S. children were home-schooled in 2012, more than double the number that were home-schooled in 1999, when the federal government began gathering data on national home-schooling trends, according to estimates released Tuesday…

About one-third live in rural areas, while slightly more than one-third live in the suburbs and slightly less than one-third live in cities…

Quote source

Brown, E. (2016). Number of Home-Schooled Students Has Doubled Since 1999, New Data Shows. Washington Post. Available Last accessed 2nd Dec 2016.

Evolutionists forgetting their reflection in the mirror

According to Jason Rosenhouse:

Stephen Jay Gould once observed that creationists are “singularly devoid of shame” in their willingness to use any argument, no matter how vacuous or frequently refuted, in making their case against evolution.

But that’s an easy argument to counter. Let’s see how leading evolutionists stack up:

Compared with other works of this type, [evolutionist Jerry A.] Coyne’s book puts much emphasis on biogeography and on peculiar adaptations of certain living things [to support the case for evolution]. In this review, I analyze the evolutionary arguments and do not generally attempt to present creationist alternatives, of which there are many, and almost none of which are even mentioned by Coyne…

Predictably, Coyne parrots all the standard anticreationist arguments that can be found in virtually every book of this type. For instance, he brings up the vitamin-C pseudogene (pp. 67–69), even though it does not require an evolutionary explanation. He trots out the myth of 98.5% human-chimp DNA identicity (p. 195). Antibiotic resistance is supposed to prove evolution (pp. 4, 130), and macroevolution is explicitly claimed to be nothing more than microevolution given more time (p. 236)…

Coyne manages to hoist himself on his own petard. He suggests that, before the days of modern medicine, 1% of humans died from appendicitis—a death rate which he calls “pretty strong natural selection” (p. 61). As to the obvious question why the appendix has not long ago been eliminated by natural selection, Coyne can only offer ad hoc speculations (p. 62). He imagines that natural selection may not be able to shrink the appendix further without making it even more harmful. Or perhaps modern medicine appeared in history at just the time the human appendix was coincidentally on the verge of disappearance!

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Ready to undo 8 years of Obama’s wreckage

No U.S. president put more on the line than Barack Obama to ensure the election of his chosen successor. Now, Hillary Clinton’s failure may serve as a repudiation of much of his two-term legacy.

From the Affordable Care Act to trade, from the Supreme Court to foreign policy and immigration, Donald Trump has vowed to systematically undo what Obama spent eight years putting in place. And the president made the stakes clear, telling supporters on the campaign trail that his accomplishments would go “down the drain” if the Republican won…

Any attempt Obama makes to safeguard his legacy will focus on his hallmark legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, universally known as Obamacare. Trump has said he will repeal it, and he will enjoy the help of Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress…

Obama will also do what he can to lock in his environmental legacy. His aides pushed hard to recruit other countries to join the Paris Climate agreement, where nations agreed to limit global warming by reducing carbon emissions. The deal was formally put into effect during an 11-day international conference this week, binding the U.S. to the agreement through most of Trump’s first term.

Trump has nonetheless said he will abandon the accord. He is likely to roll back the president’s executive actions limiting American carbon emissions…

The president also lost his chance to reshape the Supreme Court as a more liberal institution. Senate Democrats now face the dilemma of either approving a conservative nominee to the court, or filibustering in a way that disrupts the legislative norms of the upper chamber.

Quote source

Talev, M., Sink, J., Y Dorning, M. (2016). Obama legacy on the line as voters repudiate Clinton. Chicago Tribune. Available Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s lot in politics

Her concrete achievements are hard to name, which is why both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, at her Democratic National Convention, were reduced to describing her as an “agent of change,” and not the author of any particular accomplishment or significant legislation in the Senate.

For all her talk of working tirelessly for children, just three bills of hers were passed in eight years in the Senate. They were for name designations of a local post office, a portion of a highway and a historic site. As New Yorkers across the state are aware, her campaign promises to bring jobs and sorely needed economic growth to upstate amounted to nothing. She was not able to get a bill passed to help fund “government investment” in the region…

It is puzzling that so many of Clinton’s supporters seem indifferent to her unethical and illegal behavior. Living in denial, they insist that each instance in which she has been accused of lying, breaking laws set up to protect national security, letting large donations bend policy or failing massively with policy can be explained by accusing the imaginary “vast right-wing conspiracy” of persecution.

Quote source

Schiffren, L. (2016). The case against Hillary Clinton. NY Daily News. Available Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.

Hammering back at leftist boycotts

Then there are boycotts that have had mixed results. After Chick-fil-A Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy voiced his opposition to same-sex marriage, calls for a boycott were quickly followed by an appreciation day that led to record sales for the fast-food restaurant.

Quote source

Vargas, T. (2014). Mid-Atlantic United Church of Christ leaders vote to boycott Redskins games and gear. The Washington Post. Available Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.

Count the errors from pro-Hillary writers

According to Matthew Yglesias:

Trump-branded signs intoning the slogan “THE SILENT MAJORITY STANDS WITH TRUMP” festoon his rallies, and optimistic writers invoke the notion of a silent majority to tout theories that the polls are undercounting Trump voters…

Nor, crucially, are the Trumpniks a majority. Polls give every indication that Hillary Clinton is going to beat Trump, just as she beat Bernie Sanders — who also drew larger rally crowds and more think pieces than she did — in the Democratic primary. Clinton crowds aren’t as big, and her voters aren’t as loud or as interesting to the media. But there sure are a lot of them. And it’s about time we acknowledge them and their emergence as a new silent majority that reelected America’s first black president and is poised to elect its first woman…

Forty-four years later, America is facing another silent majority election — one in which the story has been all about Trump’s supporters but the victory will go to Clinton’s…

Trump voters were surprised and alarmed to learn that Obama could win reelection with scant support from people like them, and have reacted with the Trumpian primal scream. To turn things around in the future they’ll have to learn the lesson that Hillary and Bill Clinton learned 44 years ago as organizers for George McGovern — just because the noise is on your side doesn’t mean the votes are.

To win as a minority, you have to learn to play nicely and work well with others. Clinton’s voters — and Clinton herself — have mastered that, and in doing so made themselves the new majority.

Quote source

Yglesias, M. (2016). There’s a new “silent majority,” and it’s voting for Hillary Clinton. Vox. Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.

The inept feminist remake of Ghostbusters

In this film, by contrast, the enemy is all men, while the government ends up playing dad. Every man in the movie is a combination of malevolent and moronic. The chick ‘busters shame the mayor so much they end up getting government funding at the end. Like all feminists, they can only survive by sucking on the teat of Big Government…

The weak, Twitter-style feminist quips come off as lame, unfunny, and resentful. This is especially puzzling in light of the women in the original movies, who captured the range of tough broads one finds in New York City…

It’s an overpriced self-esteem device for women betrayed by the lies of third-wave feminism…

The spattering of negative and lukewarm reviews that are now piling up is brave for the leftist establishment media. These writers are risking being labelled sexist bigots, a fate worse for a liberal than running out of quinoa and humous while your vegan boyfriend is staying over…

Just consider the feminist uproar directed at James Rolfe for the crime of announcing he wouldn’t see or review the movie. Rolfe was called a bigot without even doing a negative review. Feminists have invented like an innovative form of feminist pre-crime.

Quote source

Yiannopoulos, M. (2016). Teenage Boys With Tits: Here’s My Problem With Ghostbusters. Breitbart. Available Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.