The way to solve moral problems

But like virtually all other researchers, she [Dee Miller] advances humanistic solutions to problems of a moral nature. You cannot manipulate the institutional environment (via educational conditioning, regulatory mechanisms, etc.) to solve a moral problem. Antinomianism lacks the power to offer moral answers [to spiritual abuse] and can mount no consistent challenge to spiritual incest. This fatal disconnect is bridged only when the entire Word of God is consistently applied.

Quote source

Selbrede, M. (2013). Liberty from Abuse. Chacledon Foundation. Available Last accessed 18th Apr 2015.

R.J Rushdoony’s intellectual and religious influence

Rushdoony and his tiny handful of acolytes saw their gradualist strategy begin to transform conservative Protestant thinking across the United States. Within a decade of the publication of The Institutes of Biblical Law [in 1973], the book was a familiar citation for law school faculty at Oral Roberts University, Pat Robertson’s CBN/ Regent University, and Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. This widespread awareness of Rushdoony’s ideas coincided with the explosion of religious broadcasting that was facilitated by cable and satellite television networks.

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McVicar, M.J. (2015). Christian Reconstruction: R.J. Rushdoony and American Religious Conservatism [e-book]. University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, location 4282.

The best definition of hypocrisy I’ve seen

A hypocrite is not someone who is morally perfect or who fails to engage in supererogatory acts. Nor is a hypocrite one who preaches high ideals but falls short. Otherwise, we would all be hypocrites. For if everyone is, then no one is. A hypocrite is someone who preaches high ideals but makes no attempt at living up to them. The difference is between failing to do what one believes one ought to do and not even trying to do what one says one ought to do.

The leftist obsession with perceived phoniness and perceived hypocrisy stems from an innate hatred of moral judgment, a hatred which itself seems fueled by a confusion of moral judgment with judgmentalism.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2015). Leftists and Civility. Maverick Philosopher. Available Last accessed 18th Apr 2015.

Clergymen making their presence felt in society

A friend of mine, who was ordained in the United Church of Christ, was required by his ministerial association to wear a clergy shirt with a tab collar while he was traveling. He thought it was a huge imposition on his personal liberty, until he obeyed. On the airplane, he heard a confession, reassured a frightened traveler, and calmed a terrified child. He was delighted that a routine air flight had turned into pastoral ministry. If you are clergy and you’ve never worn a clergy shirt to visit people in the hospital, you should try it. The clergy shirt means you don’t have to explain what you are or why you are there. The staff extends you all necessary courtesies, and even delirious patients know right off what you are. You can get in after visiting hours and quite often you don’t have to pay for parking, even if you’ve never been to that particular hospital before.

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Collins, K. (n.d.) Why Clergy Should Wear Clericals. Rev. Ken Collins’ Web Site. Available Last accessed 18th Apr 2015.

Terms belong to the church, not the state

In 2007, the state supreme court ruled that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board could not forbid the unaccredited Tyndale Theological Seminary and Bible Institute from calling itself a “seminary” or using words such as degree, bachelor, master, and doctor. Such terms belonged to the church before the government claimed them.

Nearly 30 Bible colleges were established in the decision’s wake.

Quote source

Lee, M. (2015). Should Unaccredited Bible Colleges Be Allowed to Grant Degrees? Christianity Today. Available Last accessed 18th Apr 2015.

Christian militancy required against public schools

Well, then once you remove the children [from public schools] you’ve also got to remove your support, your financial support. You see, the humanists only want two things from the Christians of America. They want their children and their money. And most Christians are giving them both. So who do you think is going to win this war if Christians keep giving the enemy everything they want? If Christians are going to win this, they are going to have to take their children back, they are going to have to educate their children themselves, in Christian schools or in homeschools and then they’re going to have to withdraw their financial support…

Quote source

Blumenfeld, S. quoted in Rushdoony, R.J. (1986). Dangers Inherent in Public Education [recording]. Available Last accessed 11th Apr 2015.

Limited government rises over the false alternatives

When leftists say as they repeatedly do that conservatives are anti-government, that is a lie and they know it…Conservatives are for limited government. It takes no great logical acumen to see that if one is for limited government, then one is for government. And even a liberal should be able to understand that it is a false alternative to suppose that the choice is between no government and totalitarian government.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2013). A Note on David Mamet. Maverick Philosopher. Available Last accessed 11th Apr 2015.