The early Church realised the Old Testament’s importance

Many believers almost totally neglect the study of the Old Testament, or at best see the Old Testament only as something figurative and almost allegorical that is no longer relevant to us outside of its figurative and allegorical qualities.  What is especially ironic is that in the midst of this, somehow we are missing the fact that the first century church used the Old Testament exclusively for their text for practice and preaching while turning the world upside down.

My two cents

"Christian III Bible", printed 1550 ...
“Christian III Bible”, printed 1550 by Ludwig Dietz, cover illustration by Erhard Altdorfer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How quickly we forget what first-century Christianity was really like. I think there are some modern-day Christians who wouldn’t like Christianity in the time of Christ’s incarnation. I’ve heard of this book called How Jewish is Christianity? which is published by Zondervan, and I think it would be an interesting read. Another interesting thing is how some of the first Christians may have died days after Christ’s death, before any of the New Testament was written down.

Quote source

Clough, S. (n.d.). The Issue of Dispensational Thinking. Available: Last accessed 13th Jun 2010.


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