Roy Moore on his Ten Commandments monument

Naturally the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center—also called the SPLC—which also eventually brought suit against me were happy to play on such confusion. They claimed that I had “sneaked in the monument in the middle of the night”. Yet, as I have previously explained, the monument was not sneaked in at all. It was scheduled to be delivered after work hours and was delivered three hours late by Clark Memorial because of loading and transportation problems. Placing a monument weighing two-and-a-half tonnes in the state judicial building in downtown Montgomery within two blocks of the state capitol, under lights, using large trucks and equipment is somewhat like sneaking an elephant into the White House; it simply cannot be done. Many people who worked at the judicial building were aware of the installation and they assisted in operation.

My two cents

Ten Commandments IMG_4037
Ten Commandments (Photo credit: OZinOH)

I only learnt about Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments monument years after it was taken away. To get the low-down I ordered Moore’s audiobook on CD. I love the idea of Ten Commandments monuments on public property. I hope it can make an appearance again one day. The interesting thing is how when people play the ‘separation between church and state’ line, that the Ten Commandments precedes the existence of the Christian church—but critics won’t care much for historical accuracy, will they? And you don’t need to be a churchgoer to appreciate the commandments either.

I also love how the fact that many workers at the judicial building assisted in the monument’s installation.

Quote source

Moore, R (2005). So Help Me God [audiobook]. Carol Stream: Oasis Audio.


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