Getting back at universities that hate urinals

And yet there are those—mostly young, mostly naïve, mostly gay, mostly devoid of rudimentary reasoning skills—who deign to come and take away my urinals in their mad quest to make everything “gender-neutral” so the ridiculously tiny minority of genuine biological hermaphrodites can live their lives not feeling quite so uncomfortable as they otherwise would in situations requiring them to either urinate or defecate in public places.

Most disturbingly, the people who push this nonsense are clustered most stubbornly in our places of higher education.

My two cents

That’s a great last sentence.

I’ve heard about this trend in certain universities, those which are on a self-righteous quest to eliminate urinals and make every man sit on the toilet. I always thought that scheme was ridiculous. I’d love to see that way of thinking destroyed. Talk about a “construct”.

I thought universities were places of higher education (in its essential sense, not its existentialist sense). I am reminded of 1 Samuel 25:22 in the King James Version, and in that sense, gender-neutral bathroom designs are anti-Christian and anti-Bible.

The linked article is written in a very hard-hitting way, and it’s refreshing to see that.

Quote source

Goad, J. (2013). The Importance of Gender-Neutral Public Restrooms for Bisexual Space Aliens. Available: Last accessed 18th May 2013.


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