Excellent insights on having more children

And how would you feel if almost everyone you ran into asked, “Why don’t you have more children?”

And what does it imply of God’s created design? That He forgot the cut off switch? That He just expected that we would *know* only 2 children are normal and after that if we don’t take destructive, body-altering drugs, known to have all sorts of side effects, then we deserve the comments meant to imply our apparent ignorance?

Why is natural so en vogue in almost every other area, but is virtually insane as it applies to reproduction? Do we even notice that we have let cultural expectations dictate what we call “normal”? It’s normal to have the babies God gives you…

In a normal marriage, and if God has opened the womb, babies will show up unless you deliberately prevent them…

Do you know what Rebekah’s marriage blessing was? “May you be the mother of thousands and ten thousands, and let your children possess the gates of those who hate them.” Is that the way we talk to young newlyweds? (Most often I think it goes something like, “Don’t get pregnant too soon.”)

God spoke of children–not just the first two–as wealth and prosperity, blessing and inheritance. The modern church ignores a lot of what the Bible says, but perhaps nothing as much as what is has to say about children. It makes me scratch my head a lot, I guess because I’m sort of a “catch all” for the opinions of others about fertility. It makes me sad. Not me personally, not because of how much rudeness or misunderstanding I have to endure, but because of the impotence of the church as a result of our misguided beliefs about children.

Quote source

Crawford, K. (2014). It’s Normal to Have Babies. (That’s Why I Look at You Weird When You Ask Me If I’m “Done.”). Generation Cedar. Available http://www.generationcedar.com/main/2014/01/its-normal-to-have-babies-thats-why-i-look-at-you-weird-when-you-ask-me-if-im-done.html. Last accessed 19th Jul 2014.


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