Homeschooling mothers: a force to be reckoned with

In the ongoing war against Christian civilization, it is the mothers who matter most. The sterile secularists don’t fear Christian intellectuals or Christian pastors, they regard the former as petty annoyances and there’s little need to worry about one weekly hour of Christian teaching on Sundays overcoming forty hours of secular reprogramming from Monday to Friday.

But they fear our mothers who can create children faster than they can manage to indoctrinate them. And they are downright terrified of our homeschooling mothers who rob them of their primary means of creating a new generation of secular barbarians.

Every time a woman says “I do,” every time a wife turns to her husband and says “let’s have another baby,” every time a mother hugs her child and says “how would you like me to be your teacher?” she is striking a powerful blow in defense of her faith, her family, her church, and God. We should celebrate these bold decisions —these audacious acts—as victories, not just for the family and the faith, but for civilization and mankind.

Quote source

Day, V. (2007). The Mother’s War. WorldNetDaily. Available Last accessed 31st Aug 2015.


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