Evolutionist claims refuted by creationists (again)

I think I’ve used this first quote before, but according to the Skeptic’s Dictionary:

However, when the entire scientific community has been proved to be wrong in the past it has been proved to be wrong by other scientists, not pseudoscientists [the label used by SkepDic for creation scientists].

They have been proved wrong by others doing empirical investigation, not by others who begin with faith in a religious dogma and who see no need to do any empirical investigation or prediction to support their beliefs.

Now compare that against the following:

It all began in the late 1970s when [creationist Jack] Cuozzo began to question the evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record. The antagonism [from evolutionists] resulted from his attempt to study the original Neandertal skeletal material housed in several Paris museums…

Cuozzo had taken numerous radiographs of the Neandertals with a portable cephalometric X-ray machine developed by General Electric Corporation for use in fossil research. At the time there were only two portable cephalometric X-ray machines in the world. He believed that the radiographs provided evidence against the orthodox evolutionary view of the Neandertals…

The X-ray photographs, it turned out, produced important new information about Neandertals that was detrimental to Darwinism, including evidence showing that many textbook measurements were incorrect.

Quote sources

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  2. Bergman, J. (2017). Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries. Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, pp. 37-38

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