Ten Commandments in Alabama: time for restoration

Residents in Alabama will vote this November on a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would expressly allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public buildings and schools.

The Alabama House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved S.B. 181 on Thursday 66 to 19 after the measure likewise cleared the House last month with a strongly supportive vote of 23-3.

As previously reported, the bill, presented by Sen. Gerald Dial, R-Lineville, allows the Ten Commandments to be displayed if desired but does not require it, and mandates that the display be done in what is deemed a constitutional manner.

Quote source

Clark, H. (2018). Alabama Residents to Vote on Ten Commandments Amendment After Proposal Approved by Lawmakers. Christian News Network. Available http://christiannews.net/2018/03/23/alabama-residents-to-vote-on-ten-commandments-amendment-after-proposal-approved-by-lawmakers/. Last accessed 26th Mar 2018


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