Resisting the sodomites, leftists, and compromisers

This is why you cannot compromise with leftists or cede your position based on their arguments. They do not want to come to an understanding—they want obedience. That’s all they will accept. Make one concession and they’ll demand another, and another, and another, unto infinity.

If you let up on the rightness of your fundamental position—in this case, that homosexuality is a perversion and gay marriage is an abomination—then you’ll quickly discover that you’ve let up on your right to hold that position. I suspect the next step will be the revocation of tax-exempt status for religious entities that do not amend their doctrines to make sodomy and same-sex “marriage” morally righteous.

Churches and religious organizations who do not strike Romans 1:26–28, Jude 1:5–8, 1 Timothy 1:8–11, Mark 10:6–9, 1 Corinthians 7:2, and many other passages from the Bible will be subject to financial and tax penalties that will cripple most of them. Once that is complete, the full, Roman-style persecution will begin in earnest.

If there will be any silver lining when that day arrives, it will be final separation of the wheat from the chaff. I suspect we’ll discover quite a lot of chaff. But the few Christians who remain steadfast in their faith, even as it is outlawed and its adherents subjected to all manner of indignities, can at least look around at one another and know they are finally in the company of true believers.

Quote source

Walsh, M. (2017). The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender. Image, New York, pp. 148-149


All under God, in every way possible

The world, moreover, cannot be surrendered to Satan. It is God’s world and must be brought under God’s law, politically, economically, and in every other way possible.

The Enlightenment, by its savage and long-standing attack on Biblical faith, has brought about the long retreat of Christianity from a full-orbed faith to a kind of last-ditch battle centering around the doctrines of salvation and of the infallible Scripture.

The time has come for a full-scale offensive, and it has indeed begun, to bring every area of thought into captivity to Christ, to establish the whole counsel of God and every implication of His infallible Word.

Quote source

Rusdoony, R.J. (1969). The Biblical Philosophy of History [ebook]. Ross House Books, Vallecito, Location 260-64

Evolutionist claims refuted by creationists (again)

I think I’ve used this first quote before, but according to the Skeptic’s Dictionary:

However, when the entire scientific community has been proved to be wrong in the past it has been proved to be wrong by other scientists, not pseudoscientists [the label used by SkepDic for creation scientists].

They have been proved wrong by others doing empirical investigation, not by others who begin with faith in a religious dogma and who see no need to do any empirical investigation or prediction to support their beliefs.

Now compare that against the following:

It all began in the late 1970s when [creationist Jack] Cuozzo began to question the evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record. The antagonism [from evolutionists] resulted from his attempt to study the original Neandertal skeletal material housed in several Paris museums…

Cuozzo had taken numerous radiographs of the Neandertals with a portable cephalometric X-ray machine developed by General Electric Corporation for use in fossil research. At the time there were only two portable cephalometric X-ray machines in the world. He believed that the radiographs provided evidence against the orthodox evolutionary view of the Neandertals…

The X-ray photographs, it turned out, produced important new information about Neandertals that was detrimental to Darwinism, including evidence showing that many textbook measurements were incorrect.

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Street preaching victory in Launceston

Caleb Corneloup has been a street evangelist for several years, preaching in each of the cities where he has lived.

That is why he applied to the Launceston City Council for a permit to conduct street preaching and evangelistic activities in the city mall when he moved there recently.

Unfortunately, Caleb was informed by the Council that street evangelism was not permitted.

Lawyers affiliated with the Human Rights Law Alliance challenged this wide-ranging prohibition by the Council in the Federal Court, arguing that the decision was not properly made, was discriminatory on the ground of religion, and was invalid by reason of the implied freedom of political communication in the Australian Constitution.

With our help, Caleb was successful in the Federal Court. The Launceston City Council has granted permission for Caleb to preach in the city mall, which he does regularly.

Quote source

Human Rights Law Alliance  (2017). Corneloup v Launceston – Defending Street Evangelism in the Federal Court. Available Last accessed 9 Mar 2018.

Making a monkey out of evolutionists

In a Vine clip that has since been played nearly 100,000 times in just the first six hours of its publication, the retired neurosurgeon [Ben Carson] explained why he conceded the atheist’s claim…

I was engaged in a debate in Hollywood with a leading atheist.” The individual, Carson explained, “thinks anybody who believes in God is a total moron.

According to the narrative, the debate ended shortly after the atheist expressed some particularly deprecating thoughts about those who believe the biblical story of creation.

I said, ‘You know what? You’re right,’” …“I believe I came from God,” he told the other individual, “and you believe you came from a monkey; and you’ve convinced me you’re right.”

Quote source

Agee, C. (2015). When Ben Carson Came Under Attack From An Atheist, He Silenced Him With One Brilliant Line. Western Journalism. Available Last accessed 22nd Aug 2017.

May God bless the theocratic women

This was back in 2015, and I can only hope the percentages have increased since then:

A new poll from Public Policy Polling is making headlines this week because it reveals that 57 percent of Republican primary voters want to make Christianity the national religion, even though doing so would require removing the First Amendment from the Constitution.

Even more interestingly, the data shows a stark gender divide among Republicans polled on this question: 66 percent of Republican women versus 49 percent of Republican men would like to see America become more theocratic…

The gender divide persists when the poll looks at which potential primary candidates male and female Republicans support. Politicians who are seen as more libertarian or more supportive of corporate interests (Rand Paul, Scott Walker) get more love from men, whereas candidates that are more on the [Biblical] side of the equation (Mike Huckabee) are more popular with women.

Quote source

Marcotte, A. (2015). Why do Women Vote Republican? Slate. Available Last accessed 17th Aug 2017.

The Bible: for everyone, everything, everywhere

It is not only the church and the school which must be Christian. Every area of life and thought must obey God and His word. It’s a very serious mistake to think of the Bible as a church book. The Bible is more than a church book. It is a book for the totality of life, and as a result, this book is for every man in every area of life, and for every institution. It’s a Bible for church and state, for school and laboratory…

It’s a book for every area of life, and this book is seriously maligned and damaged if it’s treated as a book for the church only. It is to dishonor this book to limit its scope. It’s a book for the courtroom. It’s a book for the state. Every area of life is under God. It must hear His word and must obey Him. This does not mean the union of church and state. It means religion is basic to the state as it is to the church.

Quote source

Rushdoony, R.J. (n.d.). Postmillennialism and Education. Pocket College. Available Last accessed 13th Aug 2017.