58 links that I like


  1. 6 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die. Exposing feminists’ repeated lies to gullible listeners.
  2. Are We Blaspheming? The highest calibre of women will not only ask this question—they will answer it correctly
  3. Ladies Against Feminism. I have followed this blog for years; what a positive change to my worldview.

Conversions to Christianity

  1. My Train Wreck Conversion. The story of a left-wing lesbian feminist professor, who ditched all of that to become Christian instead.

Debates with Atheists

  1. Getting behind the evolution façade. A gripping account of a Christian speaker who challenged atheist hecklers and exposed their foolish behaviour.


  1. Put Your Own Mask on First: Why Public School for All is Not the Answer. A fantastic rebuttal to “If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person: A Manifesto“.
  2. The Truth About Homeschooling. I enjoyed the rhetorical skill of this mother in defence of homeschooling.
  3. When will Europe Wake Up? A critical review of anti-creationist rhetoric from the Council of Europe.

Family Life

  1. 3 Thoughts About Submission in Marriage. A great Biblical summary of marriage that gets right to the point.
  2. Another “but what if”. A young keeper at home provides deep answers to a naysayer’s shallow view of Titus 2 women.
  3. Family Altar (Bible Time). A family altar looks like an interesting thing to do; this page can guide me.

Legal Matters

  1. Christians and Lawsuits. A Christian is not to file a civil lawsuit against another Christian in a court of law to be judged by unbelievers.


  1. Atheism is more rational? A Christian counters the philosophical sophistry and assertions that I’ve typically seen from atheists.
  2. Is Humanism a Religion? Yes! Here’s why, backed with the best use of primary sources I’ve ever seen on the topic.
  3. What are the Four Ways of Knowing? The way that RationalWiki goes on, you’d think that logic/reason is the valid only way of knowing—but there’s more to it than that.

Political Correctness

  1. A.D., B.C., – not P.C. Demonstrating how Christianity precedes political correctness.


  1. America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President. And to think that a churchgoing relative supported Barack Obama.
  2. ‘Blasphemy Bill’ Passes Duma Unanimously. Finally, some progressive legislation that moves society into the 21st century.
  3. Godwin’s Law and the American Liberal. Recounting a liberal who tried to equate ‘tea baggers’ with Nazism—it backfired on him.
  4. Marriage and Slavery: Apples and Oranges. Bill Muehlenberg’s thunderous comeback against Kevin Rudd’s sodomite political rhetoric.
  5. Nisbet on Civil Government and Rival Governments. Why “the government” ought to be reduced to just one type of government in our lives.
  6. Political Christianity in the Early Church. Trumping the notion that Christianity should be apolitical.
  7. Politics as War. Leftists, their mindset, and their name calling all unmasked.
  8. Why Must the Left be Totalitarian? The author said his answer was only a sketch—but it’s a pretty good sketch.


  1. Conflicts between Science and Religion. A balanced article that is good for correcting atheist trolls on YouTube (and old-earth creationists who mean well).
  2. Created or Evolved? A YouTuber claimed that there was no evidence for creation—but this handy page refutes that.
  3. Critique of Hugh Ross’s Creation Story. Showing how old earth creationism (as held by Hugh Ross) doesn’t line up with the Bible (or scientific consensus).
  4. Evolutionists Strategize to Fight Creation. Critically appraising Darwinian rhetoric is a good skill; here is a good place to start.
  5. The “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution” Myth: An Empirical Study and Evaluation. Biology can easily make sense without depending on evolution—even in tertiary education.
  6. Refuting Noah’s Ark Critics. Some biased and self-assured swipes against Noah’s Ark that were countered by Jonathan Sarfati.
  7. Who Invented the Idea of a Flat Earth? Beware of fools who play the flat earth card and ignore history
  8. Wrong Radiometric Dates, and Why They Matter. If radiometric dating is wrong on rock dates of a known age, why would we trust it on rocks of unknown age?

Social Studies

  1. The Gay Agenda’s “Planned, Psychological Attack” on Straight America. The best article on the sodomite lobby’s contrived (and effective) manipulation of its enemies.
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center and Hate. The SPLC has adopted the intelligence of the bully on the playground who engages in name-calling to intimidate anyone who won’t join his wicked little cabal.


  1. A Stranger in Our House. This shows why I’d have no problem living without a television.


  1. The Author of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible Answered. I love it when Christians rebut skeptics (who think they know the Bible).
  2. Biblical Scholar Smacks Down Piers Morgan When Asked To Explain How Jesus Condemned Homosexuality. His condemnation was more obvious than we’re led to believe.
  3. Christian Reconstruction: what it is, what it isn’t. Cohesively put into this book, which is available online for free.
  4. Christmas Was Never a Pagan Holiday. A historical study into Christmas, Saturnalia, and calendars.
  5. Church of England apologises to Darwin. A penetrating rebuttal of Anglican rhetoric (and support) for evolution
  6. Condemning the Death Penalty Requires Condemning God. To deny the justness of the death penalty is to deny the character of God and to slander His very Words.
  7. The Days of Creation: A Semantic Approach. A semantic approach to Genesis 1 can accurately demonstrate the word ‘day’ in the days of creation to mean 24-hour days.
  8. Die, Heretic Scum! I’m not opposed to denominationalism as such, but this is what happens when it goes too far.
  9. Duck Dynasty Quoting Corinthians. A solid breakdown of Phil Robertson’s application of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.
  10. Errors in the Bible? A useful response to some of the more commonly alleged contradictions in Holy Scripture.
  11. Genesis According to Evolution. If theistic evolution is true, this is how Genesis should be rewritten.
  12. God Answers ALL Questions about Sabbath. I’m conscious of Colossians 2:16, yet I’m intrigued by this exegesis and catechism of the Sabbath.
  13. God’s Law: our Obligation. A concise exegetical journey through the New Testament verses on God’s law and his grace.
  14. The Israel of God (Galatians 6:16). I wonder if the battle between dispensationalism and covenant theology boils down to this verse; the article rules in favour of the latter.
  15. Jesus Christ our Creator: A biblical defence of the Trinity. A well written, well-referenced, and concise explanation of the Trinity doctrine.
  16. John 1:1 Meaning and Translation.  A sound argument against the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ rendering of John 1:1.
  17. National Defense and the Bible. What the Bible says about war, the military, and foreign policy—their scopes and their limits.
  18. Old-earth or young-earth belief? Which belief is the recent aberration? I always thought it was the former, and history backs me up.
  19. Pocket College. Over 1,000 audio files of R.J. Rushdoony speaking on all matters Christian—all free.
  20. Sabbath Keepers Throughout History. Now one can see the time-tested link between Christians and the Fourth Commandment.
  21. The Parable of the Candle. An excellent parable on trusting God’s word to determine the age of the earth.
  22. Was the Cross “Plan B”? The plan of redemption was not an afterthought to remedy a plan gone wrong. Jesus Christ had purposed to redeem us from eternity past.
  23. Westcott & Hort vs. Textus Receptus: Which is Superior? This was more insightful than Pastor Anderson’s videos on the Textus Receptus.
  24. When a Critic Plays ‘the Pharisee Card’. Ever been called a Pharisee (by Christians) for following the Bible? Read this.