Mothers killing their unborn, and themselves

​This is a crucial point, because it shows that progressive ideas benefit no one, and often do the most damage to the groups they’re designed to cater to. Another devastating example of this is the astronomically high suicide rate among post-abortive women. A woman who gets an abortion is six hundred times more likely to kill herself than a woman who gives birth.

Again, progressives will punt the responsibility for this staggering figure over to the other side, claiming that these women commit suicide because pro-lifers make them feel guilty and so on, but an honest person must recognize that there is something deeper at play here. When people live by the secular progressive values of our culture, all they find is misery and despair.

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Fight abortion and remember the big picture

Some have argued that it doesn’t matter where a candidate stands on abortion since the laws never really change. After all, we’re told, after 20 years of Reagan, Bush and Bush, Roe v. Wade was still not overturned.

That’s true, but one reason is that we also had 16 years of Clinton and Obama. What would have happened if we had 36 years of presidents in the mold of Reagan? What if the progress made under a pro-life president wasn’t undone by a pro-abortion president? What if all presidential appointees to the Supreme Court were pro-life during the last 36 years? The answers are self-evident.

And let’s not minimize the progress that has been made in different states, including requiring women to view an ultrasound of their baby before aborting. Thank God for every life saved.

The bottom line is this: Can you look at pictures of aborted babies — such as baby Malachi — and read verses about God’s hatred of killing children and then vote for a candidate who aggressively defends a woman’s “right” to this bloodshed, even into the ninth month?

It’s one thing to be uncertain about voting for Trump (or other candidates). It’s another thing to vote for a radical, pro-abortion candidate like Hillary Clinton.

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Atheists who impose their beliefs on others

It’s unfortunate to hear professing Christians who say that they won’t let their faith influence their public policy, e.g. ‘I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I won’t enforce my faith on the pregnant woman who must be given the right to choose’, although the unborn baby has no ‘choice’. However, atheists are very happy to let their own faith influence their public policy and enforce their views on people — we rarely hear: ‘I’m personally in favor of abortion, but I won’t enforce my view on the innocent unborn baby’.

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Feminists engaging in violence against women

An associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara was sentenced Friday to three years probation, 100 hours community service and 10 hours of anger-management classes after pleading no contest to several charges stemming from a confrontation she had with an anti-abortion group on campus in March.

Mireille Miller-Young faced three charges of grand theft from a person, battery and vandalism based on the March 4 incident, during which prosecutors allege the professor took a protestor’s sign, committed battery on another protester, and then destroyed the sign…

[Judge Brian] Hill ultimately sentenced Miller-Young to serve her community service in conflict-resolution workshops run by the Quaker Church, 10 hours of anger management and $493 in restitution to the Shorts, which was paid in court Friday.

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The appeal to back alley abortions refuted

Lauren Rankin asserts that:

While Republican lawmakers attempt to use criminal abortion provider Kermit Gosnell to smear safe and legal abortion, they ignore the fact that by closing 37 of the 42 abortion clinics in the state of Texas, they are essentially sentencing women to dangerous illegal abortions and sending women straight to illegal abortion providers like Gosnell.

But Troy Newman refutes that by saying:

“This is such great news for those who cherish life. Our experience, confirmed by state abortion statistics proves that when abortion facilities close, abortions are reduced and lives are saved,” said Newman. “There are literally dozens of pregnancy help centers in Texas that offer free resources to women in crisis pregnancies standing at the ready to assist women with life-affirming help. With that kind of support, there is no reason for women to not get the help they need during their pregnancies.”

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Ruben Schade’s shallowness vs. Malcolm Pollack’s depth

According to Ruben:

What I will say sir is that what a woman does with her own body — or a man with his for that matter — is none of the State’s business.

But Malcolm, responding to a similar kind of rhetoric, exposes the shallowness of that position:

Regarding “the personal responsibility to decide whether to bring a pregnancy to term”: by posing the question in this way, you simply sweep under the rug the central issue, which is whether abortion affects a second, otherwise defenseless party whose rights deserve to be considered.

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Young women and abortion in the 21st century

Some time ago, Beatrice Faust:

If the women’s movement can be summed up in a single phrase, it is ‘the right to choose’.

But that statement has been shown to have an expiration date. I like how Time magazine rained on that parade in 2013:

In fact, Time magazine just featured a piece highlighting the fact that forty years after Roe v. Wade, abortion-rights activists find themselves having to vigorously and repeatedly defend abortion. They are discovering that younger women no longer necessarily see abortion as one of their fundamental rights.

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