Keep debating evolutionists, keep leading to Christ

The other day I read a book on the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate from 2014. Ken Ham said this afterward:

I told the secular media that if as a result of this debate, the conversation about creation vs. evolution and God’s Word is opened up with people who normally wouldn’t discuss such issues — then it would be a great success. And that certainly has happened.

Also, when I realized that this debate was to become a worldwide sensation (our conservative estimate is that upwards of 15 million people worldwide have now seen the debate in one way or another), I was greatly burdened to ensure I honored God’s Word and presented the Gospel. Knowing the platform the Lord was giving me, I understand the incredible responsibility to ensure the message of the truth of God’s Word and the message of salvation came through clearly.

If the Lord used the debate to save one person for eternity, there would be rejoicing in Heaven (“Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents,” Luke 15:10). Actually, I’ve heard quite a number of testimonies from people saved as a result of the debate — and numerous instances of skeptics who were prepared to discuss the creation topic with their Christian friends, whereas previously they would not do so.

Quote source

Ham, K. & Hodge, B. (2014). Inside the Nye Ham Debate [ebook]. Master Books, Green Forest, Location 5502

Donald Prothero proven wrong by Ken Ham

According to the award-winning evolutionist Donald Prothero:

So the strange saga of the Ark Park [i.e. the Ark Encounter Christian theme park] continues. Back when it was launched, grandiose and extravagant promises were made, and they set and bragged about impossible fundraising goals…

Now the groundbreaking has been postponed indefinitely—and it looks like it will never happen at all…

I’m sure the con man [Ken] Ham will continue to lead people on, but since his junk bonds have no guarantees, all the investors will be stuck with nothing. However, if he does have a lot of his financing tied to mortgaging his Creation “Museum,” it could bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

Whatever the true financial strength of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Park is dead in the water and sinking fast.

But Prothero was proven wrong; here’s the evidence from Ken Ham:

After months of anticipation and years of planning, it’s hard to believe this day is actually here. July 7, 2016, is a historic day—the Ark Encounter is finally open to the public in Northern Kentucky! We couldn’t be more excited to share this architectural and engineering marvel with the world.

I believe this project will be one of the greatest evangelistic outreaches of our day. Millions of people—many of them unbelievers or unchurched Christians—will come to Northern Kentucky to tour this family-friendly, Christian attraction where they will learn about Noah, his family, the animals, the Ark, the Flood, and most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited to see how God uses this project to make an impact for eternity.

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Hebrews 4:12 and its powerful effects in hotels

Gideons International has been placing Bibles in hotel rooms for over 100 years with great success, but the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF)—behind many of the attacks on our Ark Encounter project—has sent a letter to 15 hotel chains urging them to make their rooms “more hospitable to non-Christian and nonreligious clientele” by providing “Bible-free” rooms in their hotels.

FFRF says, “Many of your guests are freethinkers—atheists, agnostics, skeptics or ‘nones’—who are deeply offended to be charged high fees only to be proselytized in the privacy of their own bedrooms.”…

Now, this is utterly ridiculous. Is anyone forcing hotel guests to read the Bible in their rooms? Of course not! They are not being “proselytized” to—guests have the option of reading the Bible or not…

Is the FFRF so worried that someone might actually read a Bible and believe its teachings, that they have to stop guests even having access to the Bible? Obviously the FFRF must recognize their worldview has no foundation, as they are scared people will read God’s Word and may be convinced! And these atheists should be scared, “for the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

Quote source

Ham, K. (2015). Secularist Intolerance—Demanding Bible-Free Hotel Rooms. Available Last accessed 25th Dec 2015

Creation evangelism that led people back to Christ

According to Todd Strandberg:

Because salvation is the most important issue for us to be spending our time and energy on, all Christian endeavors need to be productive in the area of winning people for the Kingdom of God. When it comes to soul winning, arguing about creationism simply does not carry any weight…

The Church has a proven history of using faith to triumph over science. When Christians switched to battling with the weapon of science, they began suffering one defeat after another.

With faith being given out freely to all who seek truth, Christians have no need to be in the business of mixing science with religion. With prayer, we have the ability to supernaturally win over even the most stubborn evolutionists. I think creationism is harmful because it distracts from what is clearly a better way to win people to the Kingdom of God.

It’s bearing false witness to claim that “creationism simply does not carry any weight” in soul winning.

What, so God’s Word in Genesis is evangelistic filler? No way—Genesis can be the hit single—as told by Ken Ham:

This is why we at Answers in Genesis [AiG] do what we do. We want to equip the church to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning and provide solid answers for the skeptical questions of this age..

And, praise the Lord, we often hear from people who have had their lives forever changed because God brought AiG resources into their lives. Recently I shared the story of a gentleman from the Netherlands who was seriously doubting the Christian faith. He had received teaching that compromised Genesis with millions of years and evolution, and he ended up leaving Christianity altogether. But, eventually, he found our website and was able to get solid, uncompromising answers to the questions that he had, and his faith in God and in His Word was restored…People all over the world like him are why we do what we do!

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Reasons not to compromise with theological compromisers

According to William Loader:

We recognise these pre-scientific accounts [in the book of Genesis] as attempts to explain why things are the way they are. With them belong also the explanations of why people speak different languages (Babel) and where rainbows come from (Noah and the flood).

In the light of these realities it is important to exercise caution in appealing both to creation and the fall. The Paper [The Uniting Church’s Discussion Paper on Marriage] avoids the dangers by its brief definitions. Concretely, this means that we can talk of creation only in the light of what we now know about such matters as the age of creation (not 6000 but 13.5 billion years) and the formation/creation of the human species through millions of years of evolutionary development, not in an instant.

Sin remains sin, but the notion that there was once a perfect creation and an Adam and Eve is no longer plausible in a literal sense.

But Ken Ham does an able job of exposing Loader’s premises:

One of the problems with compromise in one area of Scripture is where do you stop compromising? If Christians accept the idea of human evolution, then why not accept the idea that our sinful tendencies are really just evolved tendencies?

But this completely changes the Bible’s definition of sin and why we sin and face the penalty of death for our sin, “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned” (Romans 5:12). A belief in evolution strikes right at the heart of the gospel!

(To be clear: there are Christians who believe in evolution and their salvation is not in doubt if they have placed their faith in Christ—but their compromised position regarding Genesis does undermine the authority of God’s Word.)

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The discrimination trope is a Trojan Horse

I appreciated this analysis from Ken Ham:

As one opinion piece [from Louise Melling] says,

Religious freedom is integral to this country. It must—and will—be protected. But what is being increasingly recognized is that religious freedom gives us all a right to our beliefs. This right, though, like all our rights, has limits . . . Religious liberty can’t be used by businesses to turn away lesbian and gay couples seeking to celebrate a relationship, or by religiously associated nonprofits who treat women employees like second-class citizens by denying contraceptive coverage.

This writer [Louise Melling], who is discriminating against Christians, also says that no one should be allowed to discriminate because of religious beliefs, “if they want to be true to equality and religious freedom.”

True equality? What about equality for those people who feel that their conscience is being violated when they are being forced to sanction activities with which they disagree? They’re not getting equality! And religious freedom?

Those who stand up for their beliefs are being discriminated against for their religious beliefs! It’s religious discrimination—not religious freedom!

Quote source

Ham, K. (2015). Is Religious Freedom Only Limited to Belief? Available Last accessed 30th Aug 2015.

Even carbonated beverages can boost creationism

The Creation Museum attracts around 300,000 visitors a year (more than 800 people a day). In fact, this past week has been setting records—today we must have had more than 1,700 guests. Inside the museum we sell lots of food and drinks in our café. Well, right now the Creation Museum sells Pepsi products in a business relationship—just like any attraction that sells drinks. And just as we advertise the Creation Museum on TV stations, billboards, radio, and in secular and Christian newspapers, we have an advertisement for the Creation Museum on the back of some of the local Pepsi trucks—it’s like a moving billboard.

Quote source

Ham, K. (2015). Intolerant, Desperate Atheists, the Creation Museum, and Pepsi. Available Last accessed 13th Jun 2015.