The tight link between political correctness and leftism

So there you have a baker’s dozen of politically incorrect statements…

Now what do they have in common in virtue of which they are all instances of political incorrectness? The most important common feature is that each opposes the contemporary liberal or leftist or ‘progressive’ worldview.

To be politically correct, then, is to support the leftist worldview and the leftist agenda. It follows that a conservative cannot be politically correct. P.C. comes from the C.P. The P.C. mentality is a successor form of the Communist mentality. To be politically correct is to toe the party line. It is to support leftist positions and tactics, including the suppression of the free speech rights of opponents.

Essential to leftism is the double standard. So while the politically correct insist on their own free speech rights, they deny them to their opponents, which is why they routinely shout them down.

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Liberals promote ‘diversity’—or do they?

The only kind of diversity liberals care about is politically correct diversity, diversity in respect of skin color and reproductive plumbing, not a diversity of ideas.

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The liberal fixation with (politically correct) narrative

Or consider the sweet little old Mormon matron from Salt Lake City headed to Omaha to visit her grandkiddies. Compare her to the twenty-something Egyptian male from Cairo bound for New York City.

Who is more likely to be a terrorist? Clearly, the probability is going to be very low in both cases, but in which case will it be lower? You know the answer.

Liberals know it too, but they don’t want to admit it. The answer doesn’t fit their ‘narrative.’ According to the narrative, we are all the same despite our wonderful diversity. We are all equally inclined to commit terrorist acts. Well, I wish it were true. But it is not true.

Liberals know it is not true just as well as we conservatives do. But they can’t admit that it is true because it would upset their ‘narrative.’ And that narrative is what they live for and—may well die for. A terrorist ‘event’ may well be coming to a theater near them, especially if they live in New York City.

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Lame political correctness in universities these days

Indeed, it must be jarring for a [baby] boomer like [Jerry] Seinfeld, who went to college in the early 70s, when students were debating real issues freely, to confront today’s college campuses, where students often invent issues about which to be aggrieved, many times on behalf of other parties, and then have to find “free speech zones” in which to discuss them…

Seinfeld’s distaste for college audiences is understandable, but lamentable. These are exactly the crowds who need to be shown how infantile their uninformed twitches at self-serious activism are.

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Reducing “he or she” rhetoric to absurdity

A reader sent me the following quotation from Peter Kreeft’s Socratic Logic, 3rd ed., p. 36, n. 1:

“The use of the traditional inclusive generic pronoun “he” is a decision of language, not of gender justice.

Changing “he” to “he or she” refutes itself in such comically clumsy and ugly revisions as the following:

“What does it profit a man or woman if he or she gains the whole world but loses his or her own soul? Or what shall a man or woman give in exchange for his or her soul?”

The answer is: he or she will give up his or her linguistic sanity.”

Quote source

Kreeft, P. cited in Vallicella, B. (2015). Peter Kreeft on the Gender-Neutral Use of ‘He’. Maverick Philosopher. Available Last accessed 20th Jun 2015.

Getting to the bottom of political correctness

Those in the politically correct brigade are not interested in encouraging tolerance, as they pretend, or in promoting knowledge and open inquiry. Instead, like all hard-liners throughout history, they want to impose their own ideological values on impressionable minds.

To them, history is not merely a process of study to illuminate the past of mankind. It is also a tool of propaganda, an instrument with which to enforce correct thinking.

In this regard, the ideologues have a similar outlook to the party bosses in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, in which the Ministry of Truth constantly rewrites history in books and newspapers to ensure that the citizens of the socialist state have the right political outlook.

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Don’t be afraid of using ‘he’ instead of ‘they’

Annoying Habits of Some Philosophers:

5. Advertising one’s political correctness. I am reading an article on some arcane topic such as counterfactual conditionals, when I encounter a ungrammatical use of ‘they’ to avoid the supposedly radioactive ‘he.’ I groan: not another PC-whipped leftist! I am distracted from the content of the article by the political correctness of the author. As I have said more than once, PC comes from the CP, and what commies, and leftists generally, attempt to do is to inject politics into every aspect of life. It is in keeping with their totalitarian agenda.

If you complain that I am injecting politics into this post, I will say that I am merely combatting and undoing the mischief of leftists. It is analogous to nonviolent people using violence to defend themselves and their way of life against the violent. We conservatives who want the political kept in its place and who are temperamentally disinclined to be political activists must be become somewhat politically active to undo the damage caused by leftist totalitarians. By the way, there is nothing sexist about standard English; the view that it is itself a leftist doctrine that one is free to reject.

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