The sinful origin of current-day public education

In 1837, modern public education was born in Massachusetts under the influence of Horace Mann. He is revered as the “Father of modern public education.” Mann was president of the Massachusetts Legislature and chairman of the new state board of education of America’s first public school system. He was a Unitarian, who denied the Trinity and deity of Christ. He did not believe in the inspiration and authority of the Bible.

The fact that the entire educational system for all of the children of America was in the hands of the Christian Church was deplorable to him. He thought something must be done to remedy that situation. His answer was state education, education run, operated, and controlled by the state. Hence, the modern, public educational system was begun in an effort to deliver children from the Christian religion.

Quote source

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R.J. Rushdoony’s support for state educational testing

O’Hanlon: Do you have any objection to [state] testing [of homeschooling families] to determine the results of home education?

Rushdoony:  I would be very much in favor of it if the same tests were applied to public school students and the schools shut down if they determine that the schools were inadequate…this has been proposed in at least one state legislature where I testified and the state school system strongly objected to it.

My two cents

Homeschool Picnic
Homeschool Picnic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I were in the courtroom when Rushdoony said this, I probably would have laughed. I bet statist educators would have been upset at being exposed like that. It’s so good when a witness can give a witty response like this and put lawyers back in their place.

It would be great if any courts from the 1980s filmed their trials and you could watch Rushdoony responding to every line from the state lawyers.

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