Upending the totalitarian state through homeschooling

You may not have seen the article in Harvard Magazine with the title “The Risks of Homeschooling” written by Erin O’Donnell. Risks to whom? Risks to the Messianic State. There can’t be any competition with the State and its total-control agenda by any other government, including the family, and the family is a government…

Let me be clear, academic excellence and academic preparedness are not fundamental to [anti-homeschooling academic Elizabeth] Bartholet’s opposition to homeschooling. It’s all about control. It’s about the control of information based on a secular worldview…

What the State hates, Christians should love and use against the deification of the State and the abuse of us and our children.

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The slippery slope from liberalism to statism

In his classic work, Christianity and Liberalism, J. Gresham Machen shows that liberalism is not Christianity. It is another religion. Because it is another religion, it fosters a different political world and life view. The liberal in religion is likely to be a liberal in politics. Since he doesn’t believe in the infallibility of the Bible, the liberal finds infallibility in man. So he ends up with the state as infallible. Just as the Christian appeals to God’s Word as his final authority, the liberal appeals to the state for the authoritative ruling.

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Thoburn, R.L. (1984). The Christian and Politics. 2nd edition. Thoburn Press, Tyler, pp. 7-8

Forgetting to remember the state’s militancy

Michael Walzer disclosed his fears of religion in this way:

For myself, I live with a generalized fear of every form of religious militancy. I am afraid of Hindutva zealots in India, of messianic Zionists in Israel, and of rampaging Buddhist monks in Myanmar. But I admit that I am most afraid of Islamist zealots because the Islamic world at this moment in time (not always, not forever) is especially feverish and fervent.

To which Bill Vallicella responded:

Walzer needs to be reminded that we conservatives also harbor a rational fear, a fear of leftists who have no problem with using the awesome power of the state to destroy the liberties of individuals.

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Vallicella, B. (2015). Michael Walzer, “Islamism and the Left”. Maverick Philosopher. Available http://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2015/02/michael-walzer-islamism-and-the-left.html. Last accessed 30th Nov 2015.

Rethinking public education and its rhetoric

According to “Mulga Mumblebrain”:

Home-schooling might be innocent enough, but where it is simply home brainwashing into a religious zealotry that the parents wish to inculcate, it is I believe, quite pernicious.

Much of the talk about home-schooling is pretty thinly disguised ideological hatred of public education. The Right, as part of their neo-feudal project and jihad against all public provision, whether education, health, transport, welfare or housing, has long vilified public education and public school teachers and actively promoted private education. In the USA the public education systems have been basically destroyed…

Needless to say, societies like our’s, the USA or UK, where Rightwing fanatics are hell-bent on destroying public education, don’t have much of a future. The Chinese, whose children and teachers are at or near the very top of international tables of comparative excellence, must be both bemused and concerned that such a deliberate policy of mass imbecilisation has taken hold in certain benighted states, one, the USA, still heavily and belligerently militarised.

On first blush, that was forceful, but on second thought, there was a lot of fizz and rhetoric to it. Here’s a level-headed counterweight to put things into order:

In no trial of churches, Christian schools, home schools, or parents in which I have been involved has there been any question as to the superior educational achievements and training of youth on the part of Christians.

This, however, is considered usually an irrelevant issue because the main concern of the state is to maintain its claims to sovereign jurisdiction.

The issue is thus a religious one: who is the Lord, Christ or Caesar? Who is the Sovereign?

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Note the mutation of sodomite rhetoric

The Evolution of the Gay Mantra….

1970’s “Live and let live.”

1980’s “Tolerance! Tolerance!”

1990’s “Don’t shove your values down my throat!”

2000’s “We expect you to change your lives to honor our lifestyle; we have no tolerance for your beliefs. We’re going to shove our values down your throat.”

2010’s “…and if that doesn’t work, we’re going to get the government to bully you into submission.”

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The government’s totalitarian tendencies in 2015

The state says to the individual: you have a right to your religious and philosophical beliefs, but only so long as you keep them to yourself and don’t allow them to be expressed in your relations with your fellow citizens.  You may believe what you want in the privacy of your own mind, but you may not translate your beliefs into social or political action.  But we are free to translate our leftist ‘theology’ into rules and regulations that diminish your liberty.  What then becomes of the “free exercise of religion” spoken of in the First Amendment?  It is out the window.  The totalitarian state has taken one more step in its assault on the liberty of the individual.

The totalitarian state of the contemporary liberal says to the individual: you have no right to live your beliefs unless we allow you to; but we have every right to impose our leftist beliefs on you and force you to live as we see fit.

Here are some home truths that cannot be repeated too often:

We are not the property of the state.

Our rights and liberties do not come from the state, but are logically antecedent to it, inscribed as they are in the very nature of things.

We do not have to justify our keeping of what is ours; the state has to justify its taking.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2013). Separation of Leftism and State. Maverick Philosopher. Available http://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2013/07/separation-of-leftism-and-state.html. Last accessed 16th May 2015.

Income inequality: seducing the gullible and the covetous

Our country’s leaders, like the three witches in Macbeth, continue to brew mischief. Even those whom we persist in calling Republicans are getting ready to unleash Income Inequality as a major campaign issue for next year…

Give me a break. Is there anyone so abysmally stupid as to believe that government, somehow, as if by magic, has the ability to “distribute” income “more equally”? You know–like they did in North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and the dear old Soviet Union.

Well, our leaders are counting on millions of Americans being that stupid, and casting their votes accordingly.

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